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02-26-2013, 02:58 PM
you do not have to be a hardcore pvper to be good, and you do not have to have the best of the best gear to be good.

I am a casual player, I do well in pvp. I only have ONE piece of mark 12 gear on my ship, the borg cutting beam array. I only use blue mark 11 consoles. I also fly an escort. I have seen other escorts be shredded by cruisers, and I have seen many cruisers be shreded by escorts. Most of the time someone just has not taken the time to ASK FOR HELP with their pvp build and they immediatly go into a rage or just quit.

Also, if you are dieing within one second of an escort shooting at you, then you are doing something wrong. (with your build) It is extremely simple to make a basic defense strategy for every ship in the game. two tac teams to redirect shields, and two emergency power to shield abilities. These abilities will prevent you from dieing within 1 second of anyone shooting you. (unless the tric mines are un fixed and they crit for 150k again)

PLEASE if you did poorly in an arena match or 1v1 someone, do not quit or rage, ask for help. if you want any help send me a mail in game and I will gladly help you. @BigGunner is my @handle. I can help very much with escort builds and some with cruiser builds. but forget science I have no idea how to work one of those fancy ships
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