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Originally Posted by ambassadormolari View Post
Hey everyone. This is a bit of a noob question, and I apologize if (1) it has been asked before, and (2) this actually belongs in the Federation Shipyards thread.

That being said: torpedos vs mine launchers. Which do you prefer using for your ships, and why?

Torpedoes are the biggest damage dealers in the game, once you get the enemy's shields down. (allthough dual cannons with maxed out tactical consoles come very close and even pass some torpedoes in DPS.) But if you have both Torpedo spread and Torpedo high yeild bridge officer skills, you can alternate between these every fifteen seconds (and depending on the torpedo type squeeze off a single shot between cool-downs) and you will kill anything in your target arc very quickly.

Mines maybe the most underrated weapon in the game. They are great for escorts, raptors and birds of prey because while you're making your strafing runs on your target you can park a set of mines on top of them and continue dealing damage while your cannons are facing away. For cruisers and science ships they're good for clearing your baffles if the enemy gets in behind you (which happens a lot, especially in bigger cruisers and carriers.) They're also extremely useful for dealing with enemy fighters, and most mines (except tricobalt) can be modified by using BOff skills Mine Dispersal Pattern Alpha (leaves three small mine spreads in a line) or MDP Beta (leaves a very large cluster of mines.)

Generally you want torpedoes forward and mines aft (mines can only be placed in aft weapons slots) on most ships, but aft torpedoes are useful on ships with low turn rates (cruisers and carriers.)

As for which type, it comes down to the situation and/or personal preference. I find quantums to be the best general-purpose damage dealers, having a very high per-shot damage and a moderate cooldown. Photons technically have the highest DPS rating because they have the lowest cooldown, but when combined with Spread and High Yield they get outshined by quantums. Transphasics are useful against enemies with heavy shields but they don't do enough damage unless you combine them with spread or High Yield. Plasma sets the enemy on fire, which is amusing, but mostly useless against other players. It's great in PvE combat though. Chroniton slows the enemy down, which is good if you are using science abilities like Tychen's Rift or Gravity Well, but it doesn't deal enough damage on its own otherwise. And then there's tricobalt, which deal major area-of-effect damage and disable the target. It has been "nerfed" recently in that its damage output has been halved, but so has the cooldown, so it does the same DPS. Trics can't be modified with spread or high-yield, however.

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