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02-26-2013, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
His last name is Jenkins. He is you.

The guys standing around meticulously planning the raid are the people in this community. They endlessly debate the merits of abilities, levels of attainable resists, spike v. pressure damage, crit coding and how the server handles it, new player education, DoT magnitude and proc rate interactions with passive healing, premades v. pug-mades v. pugging, and hundreds of other minute nerdy balance issues.

You conducted an experiment to confirm your own bias which included a whopping 6 matches (you don't even know what you don't know at this point). Then you screamed your own personal battlecry consisting of your own name, preconceptions, and wild speculation about a rumored system and proceeded to ignore the advice of those who have been over this ground repeatedly.
I think you have the wrong person. None of my three names are Jenkins, nor do any of my names start with a J.

In the spirit of a fair go I have been playing PvP all this afternoon. There are trends which are becoming apparent. (These are based on observation, not assumption.)

* PvP is ruled by escorts. Yes, there are one or two non-escorts who I've seen do well. One or two over 6 hours.
* Science powers annoy. That's as bad as it's been for me. They don't really hamper you that much.
* Cruisers just don't hit hard enough. Any dent they make in an escort's shield is rendered useless by a quick turn of their ship. That's in the 5 second window where their alternating Tac Team isn't up.
* Escorts seem to tank and tank and tank. I've seen two ships where I couldn't make a dent in their shields after close to a minute of repeated fire and debuffing. Both were escorts. In both matches I was in the top 4 damage dealers. (I parsed the matches.)

These fly in the face of reason and fly in the face of Trek. Call me old fashioned, but I like my Trek games to be a little more Trek. Science should be more than an annoyance. You should see science and be wary. Cruisers should be harder to kill. Escorts should NOT be able to tank.

These imbalances and striving for elitism renders fan favourites like the Galaxy or the Intrepid mostly useless. They're all JHAS, Mobius, Patrol Escorts, Vestas, Odysseys and Andorian ships.