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02-26-2013, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Because Taunts, threat mechanics, the basically a really bad joke. It's one of the worst things ever introduced into gaming and has no place in PvP.

It's one thing for a "Tank" to position themselves - it's another for the "Tank" to make a comment about some mob's mother in a language it doesn't understand and that mob deciding to beat on the "Tank" while ignoring the "Healer" keeping the "Tank" alive and all the "DPS" guys that are actually killing the mob. It's beyond stupid.

I'm all for the Trinity...without the bogus artificial threat mechanics. Let that meatshield stand between the angry mobs and the guys in dresses....but it's just silly for that guy to talk about what a good laid their mother was and have them ignore the guys in dresses.

If Jerry doesn't want Tom to shoot at him for a bit...Jerry can Jam Tom. Jerry should be able to mandate that Tom shoot at somebody else nor should anybody else be able to mandate Tom shoot at them instead of Jerry...

You might want to sit down, have a cupcake or something.

I think you're really taking the abstraction of a taunt way further than it needs to be taken.

It's just a mechanic to represent getting the enemy's attention, that's all.

I like the idea of said ability to reduce the target's offense in some way, either an ACC penalty or a DMG penalty, unless they actively target the ENG.