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02-26-2013, 04:55 PM
Typical! Stahl screws us then asks us to pay him.

Instead of dealing with the fleet marks issue, which for some of us was the final straw, Cryptic throws another promo in our face. Has STO earned more of our money with trust? No. They damaged the playability of the game (atleast for those of us who care if it's worth playing or not) and then waves another chance for us to give them more money. "Good doggy, here's your bone... you worthless mutt"

Come on people! Answer this with the only thing they listen to, your wallet. If we give them more money now, it will simply say everything is ok and that we don't mind their poor choices. Don't reward them for this behavior. They either don't read our concerns here or don't care.

There are 290 pages of posts here of players like us saying we don't like this new change and we are tired of not being heard: Please don't reward them for that. They need to know that it truly matters. They need to learn to listen to their players. If you reward them now, they won't.

We all want a better game but that won't happen if they refuse to care about how we feel.