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Yah... I rather eat thier copper (blood) before they are playable.
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Personally, I'd believe an expansion into the Delta quadrant with territory control implemented would be good.

Justification: Proxy wars fought by Alpha Quadrant superpowers using the local players like Kazon and whatever else Voyager found in there.

And while KDF and Feds are playing chess, players have a choice of going after the Borg remnants or aiding a nascent superpower in the sector. Will you help them, or destroy them? Introduce Opposing Reputations - Liberated Borg VS Species 4747 (or whatever is better fitting) such that you can only choose 1 and get the benefits of that faction.

At the same time, both sides are being attacked by the Undine - Undine STFs and new Omega Force benefits. Continuation of the Undine story past the Dev tweet post!

It would be a good time to introduce the Raptor Knights (Romulan) wing of the Omegas, too. The New Romulan Commonwealth brings their knowledge of adapted borg technology to their field, resulting in Romulan versions of the STF space sets and ground sets, and new Adapted Omega sets based on the NRC sets for Fed and KDF. The Omega set would then be available to all 3 factions.

Gorn Rebellion sounds too much like "an internal affair" for the Feds to be involved directly.
Maybe.. just maybe..
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