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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
Here is an example:

*Character Bob is on the map and does not have anything to do with the main mission objectives.

*Under bob there are 3 martini glasses used as interaction objects FOR bob.

*The 1st is present from the start; Bob asks you to talk to Steve and get him to agree to something.

*The player may now go to Steve who has a map-placed dialogue tree that is activated by martini glass 1 from Bob.

*You talk to Steve and he agrees or not based upon player choices.

*If Steve agrees, martini glass 2 (success) is activated under Bob and you can report back to him that you did it and he tells you how awesome you are.

*If Steve refuses, martini glass 3 (failure) is activated and bob tells the player that he is an idiot.

You can also tie these results into the main story line by having Bob give you useful information about how to find a contact, etc.
Thank you, this put everything into perspective!

I'm gonna study Kirkfat's triggers tutorial, I think I have a good idea how to go about doing it but I think I'm gonna to do a practice mission to go along with those tutorials.

Originally Posted by castsbugc View Post
Storyboard optional: No
optionals can be done 'off book' but you stand a chance of confusing your audience by having things that require attention being paid.

I have run into this with Keeeping up with the J'sens.
there are 2 sequences that are meant to be snap judgement things that are in no way labeled in the storyboard. The point behind them being that you are supposed to decide what to do without deliberating, its a survival thing.

The reality of it, I get reviews that say people are confused about what to do because its not clearly labeled as to what is going on *sigh*
These are going to be objectives for the sole purpose of just making one of the worlds a bit more immersive - Give the players something else to do if they want. They have nothing to do with the plot or anything, so I'm not too stressed about confusing the audience.