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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
I have been thinking of doing the same. Honestly, I PAID for cat species, and I PAID for the Pounce ability, and now a bunch of free-to-plays who has only been playing for a month are taking away my stuff just because they DON'T have the stuff themselves. Why is Cryptic allowing this?

That fact that it IS something you have to purchase in order to unlock means that by nature it SHOULD be better than the stuff you get for free. Same is true for species, ships, weapons, and anything else Zen Store offers. It is SUPPOSED to be better than the free stuff, or else it would be given for free.

Now if you want to argue about being Elitist, or about not wanting to spend real money, then just use the Dilithium Exchange. Turn your Dilithium into Zen, then you too can have the best species, the best weapons, and the best ships. All of this is possible by only using in-game currencies. You just need to work for it. That's right. If you want the best stuff, you need to work for it. The work is good for you anyway. It builds character.

That is how I got my Ferasan and Caitians species, my Odyssey Pack, my Fleet Negh'Var, and all the weapons and equipment on them. Every last bit of it was bought through work and Dilithium Exchange. Problem solved.
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