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02-26-2013, 04:40 PM
I just wanted to chime in regarding the Foundry.
I'm a new author. I have one mission published. I've only spent a few weeks on it, and it shows. I was thinking about really putting time into it and making it spotlight worthy, but after reading that I can't edit anymore, I'm not sure I want to. Don't get me wrong, I still want to spend time on it and improve it, I'm just not sure I want to spotlight it.

Either way, what I wanted to say is that even without promotion, missions can get exposure.
I believe I only told two people I know irl about it (of whom I'm not even sure have played it yet). I didn't post here or at StarbaseUGC. Yet I have received over 200 reviews in the few months it's been out. Most of which has been positive. I'm actually surprised I got that many. I made no promotions about it at all (mostly because it's my first and I'm 'shy', as one person mentioned). I would mention the name now, but I'm having issues with patrol pathing in the S7 update, so I don't want anyone playing it with that bug in it (unfortunately that particular issue doesn't appear when editing, only after publishing).

EDIT: FYI Cryptic, I'd like to see contact NPC's with pathing (at least when not used in the current objective)!

So people do look, and find them.

Little off-topic: no offense to Kirkfat, but I can't stand StarbaseUGC. I haven't used it for looking for missions, but I tried to use it to learn the foundry. I didn't even know until today that there are a few written tutorials for the foundry (I prefer those to videos). Plus finding help is difficult. I ended up going to Google and Youtube to find what I wanted. Plus the site is really busy--too much stuff showing on a page (banners and side-bars). It's kind of an eyesore. The STOWiki on the other hand is great. IMO, I'd like to see a wiki-style set up for the tutorials. There seems to be a lot of useful information on there, it just needs to be organized better.
This is just my opinion, supplying feedback as a newbie foundry author.

EDIT: I just saw that I have 1 post. Well, that's not right.

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