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02-26-2013, 05:58 PM
I do like dumping mines on top of my target with my Tac Escort Retrofit, smash em from high on the aft port side, Fleet DHCs + Quantum + rear turrets. CRF2 + THY2 + EPtW + BPOm + FoMM + a couple of other little faves. Close to within 1-2ks, hit EM2, crank 90degs, drop mines with MDPa or MDPb, TT2, turrets keep up pressure while target has a choice or turning wide or taking the mine hits, if they go wide, great I'll get him in my forward 45deg all the sooner, if he takes the mine hits also cool, if it isn't enough to finish him, it should at least leave little to finish off. If you like to use mines then it's worth getting at least one DOff to match.

I don't use mines on non escorts, torps on cruisers, my Breen boat and my Jem HEC.

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