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02-26-2013, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by kronplah78 View Post
Hi akiranc

If you claim you are the 'top killer' in your fleet, you give the impression that you are good at PvP, and that in the last 2yrs of experience and studying the PvP sub forum you should be better than alot of players here in the STO community. I'm surprised that you'd ask for which ship to pick between the two. The obvious choice has already been suggested by 'borgresearcher'.

The defiant is deadly ship just like the JHAS. It is a great dogfighter, and is by far a cheaper choice if comparing it to a JHAS.
I dont really PvP much outside of fleet, so I can't really compare myself to the community of STO.

Just trying to get opinions before I waste money on a ship that appears to be tough, without taking too much away from the damage. I got the mobius and like the abuse it can take, but just not sold on its damage. So far seems I'm just as good sticking with old faithful from the comments.

Thx for the opinions so far on what y'all would prefer.