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Captain One-Who-Questions (alien), Science: U.S.S. Dian Fossey, providing your Gravity Well needs in style. All vessels have been named after notable female scientists.
Shuttle name: Oh'Shora (homeworld of her species)

Captain Defends-Like-Stone (same alien species as above), Tactical: U.S.S. Hyppolyta. I shoot, things tend to die. It seems to work. All ships have been named after famous historical amazons.
Shuttle name: Gladius

Captain Cassandra Baker, Trill Engineer: U.S.S. King's Row (a nod to my late home of City of Heroes). I'm sorry, were you trying to punch through my shields and hull? I didn't notice. Up until the current ship, all ships have been named after famous sieges (Massada, Stalingrad, Gibralter, etc).
Shuttle name: Cramped. (in character she HATES shuttles and runabouts.)

KDF Side:
Captain Lodwynne, Orion Pirate (who occasionally does side work for the Empire. "Yeah yeah, Qapla'. Now where's my latinum?"): Garumba Siege Destroyer; IKS Red Feather. Previous theme was very Ferengi. Naked Profit, Green Envy. Sadly 'Stand and Deliver' wouldn't fit.
Shuttle name: IKS Small Change.

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