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Ah, I wondered if it was a name he had chosen through self-identification with Karamazov, but that would make sense that he would have been named thus
Even though he was only weeks old at the time, I think his personality was more evident early on than with human children, since I see the Devidian brain and early life stages playing out differently than they do in humans.

(He's not some super-genius, though. What we would expect from ages 0 through about 4 happened extremely fast, and when he became mature enough for school lessons he ended up, at least mentally and emotionally, with what humans would consider a fairly normal development rate.)

That said, I imagine he was told a bit about who Alyosha Karamazov was, as he got old enough to understand the concepts in the book. Had he not cared for that connection, he could've gone by "Alexei" instead, but the fact that he prefers the diminutive form in informal address shows that he really does embrace that connection.

In civilian circumstances with people who are not his friends, he should be addressed as Alexei Ivanovich; that's the cultural equivalent of calling him "Mr. Strannik." But with good friends, he doesn't bother with the name "Alexei"; he skips straight to "Alyosha" because of the resonance that particular diminutive form has with him.

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