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02-26-2013, 06:13 PM
Been working on my build/gear and playstyle a fair bit since starting this topic.

Some nice insight from a few people here,and i must say i do enjoy flying her more then before Ofc i am nowhere near high tier reputation rewards yet,so im missing alot of stuff,that you guys suggest here.

I have been mainly working on getting a decent setup of Bof Powers,and decent gear as to not be dead weight in STFs. And it seems that even tho people consider SCI and SCI ships less usefull cause the main focus is damage,i had a few people that were quite happy to have me in their grp,be it for some nice heals or the nice debuffs/cc that enable them to kill stuff faster.

Now,someone told me that rewards are based upon who does most dmg,and while i sure want better rewards,i do like the role a sci can play. I think there should be a reconsideration of how rewards are given out,cause now i know why everyone just says go fly an escort and go full dmg.

One thing i noticed,and it really shocked me : I am a flying mass destruction facility,really i barely ever go out of a longer fight without losing 1-2k crew depending on what i do..
Im not sure if People will want to fly as part of my crew anymore if news about that spread around.
Anything i can do against it? or should i just not bother about it since its only a slight impact on gameplay?