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02-26-2013, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
I disagree. The 5th forward weapon + 4 Tactical Consoles of the Engi and Sci versions can outdamage a Fleet Defiant.
A cloaked Fleet Defiant will come out with +15% damage, now lets add a 5th Tactical console ...

Also you are stuck with Wing Cannons, the Defiant 7th weapon slot is turret ... sure its not a DHC but at the same time is still going to do at least 1/4 of damage that a DHC.

Already seen that in action.
Combat logs plz.

I am not saying it cannot but a Fleet Defiant have a 5th tac console, that significant and the only difference is BO layout and the fact the Defiant have its 7th weapon on the back.

Haven't seen mine go up against the fleet MVAM yet. But the Andorian 3-pack is A-OK.
No, its not ... paying 2500 Zen for +10 accuracy is what you are doing and that comes at a 2 console cost, the consoles are simply not really worthy to have and that is why Cryptic keeps buffing then so people dont just take one and ignore the pack.

People just keep talking about the Tactical version and forget all about the Charal and Khyzon, which are both very good ships.
They are no Fleet Defiant or Kumari, the reason people look for this ships is because a 5th tactical console slot means +26.2% more base damage minimum (Blue Mk XI Phaser Relay) and that can go up to 30%.

Sure the other 2 have better BO layouts adding much needed defense but if I wanted defense on a escort I would be flying a Streamrunner.