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02-26-2013, 06:36 PM
It depends on the ship. Most ships cannot utilize mines to their full capacity, while torpedos are relatively easy for all ships to make use of.

My kinetic specialist uses both on her Chel Grett. The quantum torps average around 10k damage per tube, the quantum mines average around 17k damage per bay. Dispersal Pattern Beta 3 turns mines into probably the most fearsome weapon in the game(ideally either Quantums or Tricobalts).

16 Quantum mines all slamming into a target, each doing between 10 and 20k damage when they crit, can absolutely annihilate all but the beefiest of targets(compared to 'maybe' getting a lucky 40-60k quantum torp crit). Even non-crit she can take off a good quarter to third of a generator's health in KASE with a single dispersal. Keep in mind she is heavily specced into the role and pays for it by not being very effective against medium/borg sphere class mobs(due to having just enough shields to withstand the hits and often coming in numbers).

Overall mines are definitely the harder hitting, but they're not really worth considering unless you've got a commander tactical boff slot available or are just looking to drop a tricobalt mine at the end of an attack run with an escort. They're also not viable against things that are suicidal to get close to - like Elite Gates, Donatra, etc.

Meanwhile you can slap pairs of torp tubes on any science vessel to surprisingly great effect(who needs weapons power? we can pour it all into AUX!). Put a torp on an escort or cruiser to finish off exposed/weakened ships; they're great on just about anything for just about any fight.

..Reputation Plasma Torpedos are in a completely different league and put every other kinetic weapon to shame.