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02-26-2013, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
IMO D'Kora is begging for an A2B build, in fact I was single mindedly grinding EC to buy one, them the Jem HEC hit and I got that instead, and ran the build I'd intended for the D'Kora with minor modifications.

I don't like it, sorry. The D'Kora can run DHCs, it's criminal to run singles. Exocomp needs to be stacked if possible (fed maintenance engineers fluxuate but can be as cheap as a couple million EC) or paired with a high level quartermaster (arm and a leg for just a blue). EPTSx2 instead of another EPTx with damage control engineers is a weak choice. Get the Lobi console out of the Tac console slot. Get some embassy hull and shield consoles for sure and maybe run another 2 piece, although borg 2 piece is a safe choice.

But back to the beginning for a D'Kora: A2B, all day, every day.
lol I've done more damage with these weapons than most ships with dhcs equipped.

Yes. The doffs could be changed. Problem is I don't have certain things like damage control engineers and a few others. But eventually I'll modify the doffs and tweek them.

And yes, I know about the science consoles at the embassy, obviously . I'll be adding an emitter from there when our base finishes its upgrade.

And no, it wouldn't be logical to remove the combat module, because I'm not a tactical captain. I don't have things like Attack Pattern Alpha for extra damage.

I DO use alterations during combat, like inserting the tachyon mine instead of the cutting beam. And so on and so forth.