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02-26-2013, 07:31 PM
Most of my ships are named after US aircraft carriers...even though I'm not American, I like their names. Their registry numbers are also inspired by the CV registries of their namesakes.

USS Langley - NX-91010 - Odyssey Class Prototype
USS Lexington - NCC-91002 - Armitage Class Heavy Escort Carrier
USS Saratoga - NCC-91003-F - Odyssey Class Science Cruiser
USS Ranger - NCC-91004 - Chimera Class Heavy Destroyer
USS Yorktown - NCC-91005-C - Ambassador Class Support Cruiser Retrofit
USS Enterprize - NCC-91006-D - Galaxy Class Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
USS Wasp - NCC-91007-B - Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
USS Hornet - NCC-91008 - Steamrunner Class Blockade Runner Retrofit
USS Essex - NCC-91009 - Defiant Class Tactical Escort Retrofit
USS Intrepid - NCC-91011-E - Sovereign Class Assault Cruiser

And the ones not named after carriers...

USS Regina - NX-91334 - Fleet Aquarius Destroyer
USS Eddard Stark - NCC-91100 - Breen Chel Grett Warship
IGS Rose Tyler - AT-91012 - Andorian Charal Escort