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02-26-2013, 08:39 PM
Mostly the same, though the depending on how long you've been gone the Borg punch a little harder in STFs (more bleedthrough damage) since S7 started. Also the old 3-piece-borg+MACO shield set isn't as good anymore, as the Assimilated Module was moved to be part of a different set (Omega Weaponry, with the Kinetic Cutting Beam and Omega Torpedo). Now you'll only get the borg hull heal (but no shield heal) unless you use the complete Assimilated set. Also might want to pick up a Kinetic Cutting Beam in place of one of your aft beam arrays, as combined with the Assimilated Module it gives a random proc that gives you basically a short Nadeon Inversion to help with the broadside drains. Overall though, not THAT different than before.