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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
lol I've done more damage with these weapons than most ships with dhcs equipped.

Yes. The doffs could be changed. Problem is I don't have certain things like damage control engineers and a few others. But eventually I'll modify the doffs and tweek them.

And yes, I know about the science consoles at the embassy, obviously . I'll be adding an emitter from there when our base finishes its upgrade.

And no, it wouldn't be logical to remove the combat module, because I'm not a tactical captain. I don't have things like Attack Pattern Alpha for extra damage.

I DO use alterations during combat, like inserting the tachyon mine instead of the cutting beam. And so on and so forth.
I didn't mean remove it, just put it in an eng or sci console slot. But that's just me. And you did post it for Tac/Sci. And you can do more damage, sure, but you hang out here enough to know that the damage needs to be abrupt.

It's not a terrible build, but I see some holes, IMO. No APO or PH, so no hold breaking. And I think you're missing a Cmdr Eng ability in the list.

You could wreck **** with a Sci in a D'Kora, and here's how I'd do it. Sub-Nuc being the great equalizer, it's the equivalent of having your buddy get on his hands and knees behind somebody, so as a non-Tac it's just up to you to figure out how to shove as hard as you can.


DHCx3, Either rep torp
Turretx3 or 4, KCB

3 piece MACO

2 purple Techs, 1-3 maint eng, Marion, Battery cd quartermaster

2 piece MACO + 2 purple Tech doffs is enough for cd reduction.

Marion is going to give you 8 seconds when you trigger DEM of freight train DHC. maint eng battery doffs will give you a damage boost to make up for lack of APA, battery qm's will bring the battery back up faster. So you could ditch marion, depend on the battery to overcap, and pick whether you want another 10% or want it to come back up faster.

A great sci alpha would involve a dual battery - weapons and aux, with 3 maint engineers. Dual Batt, Super Scan, SNB, APO, CRF, high weapon power, HYT, if you're really daring slot a TB for a hold too. I don't have a sci at tier 5 rep but you should also be able to buff Sensor Scan further with the Rom T5 clickie. IDK for sure. 3 piece MACO beam at the end too.

Those doffs are pricey, no question, so it's probably pie in the sky for most people, and dual batts are either lobi or a whole lot of EC for 20 sec of a buff.

Also I'd say this is a pug build; I'm not counting on anybody to follow my keybind tell that I'm putting a subnuc downrange, and I'm giving up a lot to bring my own damage. This is a build I've only put on paper since my sci toons have no Rom rep and only conversion box Omega. By the time I get around to them it will probably be out of date.