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02-26-2013, 07:55 PM
I've thought about what could improve things with STO in regards to end game PVE, STFs and the like. As others have said this game "suggests" DPS builds because in order to gain the optional rewards there is a time constraint. The content is telling players you have x amount of time to complete a mission to gain rewards, that leads to people using escorts which can produce greater numbers in terms of DPS.

I haven't played every MMO ever made, but in the handful I have I don't recall them being timed as they are in this game. In those cases healers are paramount because the content is more complex then in this game. I get that everyone is going to be able to point to a run they did where science and cruiser vessels crushed everything and made all the difference but the reality of end game content on the PVE side is that it is focused around doing damage, players aren't "locked out" of a boss battle when they die they simply re-spawn after some time, so there is little incentive to stay alive. A rehash of the content I think will make a greater difference then trying to "nerf this and buff that."

Additionally if I'm flying a science vessel I don't want to be focused on DPS, I want to focus on being effective in my abilities, debuffing, healing and crowd control, it's what I want to actually do, but I also want it to feel as though I need to be doing those things for the run to be successful. It doesn't feel that way most of the time with end game content as it currently is.

I also get needing to strike a balance between making the content difficult and making it accessible to more people.

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