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From my perspective though, continuing change is inevitable in STO as it continues to distance itself from its old P2P model and move closer towards PWE's F2P model.
This is inevitably so, but it does not mean we should turn it into a race for the bottom of the barrel by demanding even more change.

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Season 7 was the clearest indication yet of how Cryptic/PWE feel it's best to extend/change STO (barring the introduction of lockboxes) and it's something that saddens me somewhat.
Indeed, this is why we must support the status quo. People are always loudest when demanding change, ignoring the fact that change inevitably worsens the situation, as the laws of physics demand it. We must speak up for the status quo. Every time things have gotten CHANGED, it has gotten WORSE. Remember when the KDF still had missions worth doing, and then that was CHANGED and now there are NONE?

NO CHANGE! LEAVE THINGS AS THEY ARE. DON'T MAKE IT WORSE. Let the Feds head for the bottom of the barrel, Klingons are about using the same old **** over and over. Because Change Is Bad.

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If there's on thing that remains the same its that things are constantly changing.
Indeed: They are constantly getting worse. That does not mean we should encourage this.