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02-26-2013, 09:24 PM
I am full tactical, but the healing arts are a close second for me...a major necessity for the ship used, and battles involved. I don't mind repairing others, as long it helps the group and weakens the opposite opponent being dealt with.

But yet, there are some who has not learnt the full value of this needed skill set. It is greatly appreciated for having my ship still longer in the fight. In turn, teammates get the same benefit as well.

IN the last several PvE missions being playe of late, I have noted closely, that many folks just go out of their way to heal me right away. Maybe it is because of the high numbers of damage coming from my attacks they witness or something else.

Actually my specs are specifically built for PvE encounters, especially for the Borg in mind, but anyone else will get a licking too. But to stay long in those single encounters, you got to have skills that help repair with great speed, following by Boff support with combined passive skills as well.

My advice, never skimp on those healing arts, they make a difference on the outcome for that moment.
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