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02-26-2013, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by jestersage View Post
On a sidenote, is Atrox good for PvP? What about other 2-hangars carriers?
Eh, I'm not a PVPer, but from what I've heard it's simply outclassed by Klink carriers, and is naturally outclassed by the Lobi carriers (which is the point in that case).

The biggest difference between the Atrox and the other carriers is a lack of flexibility. Unlike the Recluse or Jammie Dread it has no universal Boff slots and just 9 consoles and unlike the Kar'Fi it has less Boff stations (and is slower), and has an inferior tactical layout to the Vo'quv.

It also has no unique console, Feds don't have frigate/BoP pets, and no unique bridge (the true tragedy).

Again, for what it's worth, it's NOT as bad as forumers say, and is perfectly worthwhile. Just don't expect miracles. And don't use the Stalker pets.

I know a guy who uses it as a great healboat.