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02-26-2013, 08:38 PM
So, right now, we have two ideas in the thread:
  • Skill matching: Let the game somehow assihna skill level to your player or character and put people in matches who are of equivalent level.
  • Separate Team Queue from PUG queue: Teams can only queue up in a team queue, single players can only quee up in a single player queue that throws teams together.

I think both of these things combined might actually solve most of the issues with PvP.

But how could you make skill matching work? I would say, by going not by victories, but by scores. So what you have healed, what you have dished out, how much movement you have impaired, how much damage resistance negated for how long (and how much additional damage your team could get out of it), etc... of course, for this, the game would have to be able to keep track of these things.

Honestly, looking at this... it might just really be all we need.
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