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02-26-2013, 09:07 PM
I have two Tacs. One flies an Ambassador Retrofit. One flies a Mirror Vo'Quv. I wish I could tell you that I fly either of them seriously, but uh - I don't.

I have gotten a giggle (manly giggle that is) out of using GDF while in the Vo'Quv - who expects GDF from a carrier, right? But I wouldn't take it into any sort of serious PvP.

Likewise, the Ambassador with 3x Phased Polaron SCs, 3x Polaron Turrets, and a Chron Torp fore/aft... well, it's named Grape Punch. How could you take that seriously? And yep, I run the Jem set on the Ambassador - man, I tell you - the Jem shields on the Ambassador are the most OP thing in the game. Folks take one look at you and they're either laughing their tushie off or they're grabbing for their wastebasket to puke. It allows you to get off some shots before they realize what's going on...

Ahem, yeah - like I said, I don't take either of them seriously.

If you wanted some serious ideas about Tacs in something other than Escorts, you might want to check out Drunk's stickied thread of ship builds up at the top of the forums... there's some good information there.

Still though, I like thinking that folks avert their eyes to the Jem shields on the Ambassador and nobody expects the GDF from a Vo'Quv (not saying they notice it, but they don't expect it)... yeah, maybe just check out the stickied thread for some good ideas.
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