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02-26-2013, 09:10 PM
I posted this in another thread:

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
One could say the game's already overdue for some sort of PvP Rating System. Not a Ranking System - but a Rating System.

You take the fresh 50 in his RA ship with a hodgepodge of gear.
You take the other 50 in his Fleet ship, both T5, mix of Mk XII and Elite Fleet gear, Universal Consoles, etc, etc, etc.

Those guys really shouldn't be fighting each other. Sure, life sucks and that stuff happens - but it's a game. It's entertainment. It's not life. People play games to get away from that stuff.

With the talk about things sitting at T5 ships but the gear getting better as time goes along... in a few years that fresh 50 (maybe a fresh 60) in his RA ship could be fighting folks in their massively retrofitted Fleet Ships with Mk XXX gear. They're both sporting T5 ships though... /cough

If gear, rep levels, etc, etc, etc had a point level - then the cumulative value of those points could give a far as queues go. In Ker'rat and other such areas, yeah... hopefully the fresh 50's a KDF looking to complete his Die25, eh?

The gear gap is only going to grow and grow as time goes on...and personally, I think such a Rating system is already overdue. With such a system in place, one could easily envision multiple levels of PvP Rep Ranking based on the divides from that PvP Rating.

It's just kind of funny - in thinking about my #1 toon and my #6 toon. The #1 guy is sporting that mix of VR Mk XI/XII gear, has various set bonuses, and is T5 in both New Rom/Omega. The #6 guy is sporting that mix of...Green Mk X through Blue Mk XI gear, no sets, and isn't even T1 in either New Rom/Omega. Both are in T5 ships though, eh? That gear discrepancy is only going to get worse as time goes on...
And I honestly do think it's overdue in the game as is...
And I honestly think it's only going to look more overdue as time goes on...
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