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02-26-2013, 09:12 PM
Prior to Season 3 and F2P, with all the skill changes and what not, Engineers used to be the best at their role as a tank and healer.

MW used to be castable on others and it was a 90% Hull heal, with skills and SIF consoles, and added a nice dmg resist to boot.

As others said, EPS was a lot more useful prior to the current skill system but as it stands, noone's really suffering from energy drain.

At some point, just before S3, I believe, Shield resists took a blanket 45% nerf across the board. This included RSF. Granted RSF made you near impenetrible at the time but I think with the current skill system, the Doff's and silly consoles, restoring RSF to its previous glory wouldn't be game-breaking. Especially when speed tanking is far more effective anyway.

Nadeon Inversion was never good.

This is all space-based of course.

As for ground, well, Engineers are a one-man demolition team. But who plays ground?

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