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02-26-2013, 09:35 PM
Every combo in this game is doable... and can have success. If you Build to the combos strengths... and if you have the skill to pull it off.

HB and others will tell you tacs must be in escorts... and sci must be in sci ships... and engies don't belong anywhere but a cruiser... ect.

They are right if you are of average skill... and/or if you are uncreative.

Of course the easiest combo to do well is Tac Escort... like most things a small handful of the really skilled will be just that little bit better at it. However almost anyone can pull of capable tac scort.

Tac Cruiser... I think is perhaps easier to play... however it takes a bit more creativity as far as building your ship to suit your play style goes. There are many ways to make a capable tactical cruiser... and I think with cruisers you will find what works for others may or may not work for you. I think I have seen more then a few good ideas in Don'ts sticky thread at the top of the section.

Tac Sci... this one is going to take the most skill and the most creativity. As I said people like HB will say its a no go... they are wrong completely. Its a great combo, it is however a very high skill combo. You will be dealing with skills with longer cool downs and in general less burst ability. So timing becomes super important, skill combos matter, and frankly if you mess up there is very little correction room. Having said that people don't expect it to work... I have out dmged and out killed capable fleet mates escorts in my tac scis. I will say this however if the other team has the right counters it can almost neuter your damage, which isn't possible to completely do if you bring a tac scort.

If you have never left a Scort... I would suggest if you want to try something different to try out the cruiser first. I enjoy taking my galor out from time to time... Klingon side we have great ships like the Fleet K and the Fleet V... fed side I believe there are a few good options for tacs.