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02-26-2013, 10:08 PM
When it comes to TAcs in other ships, it comes down to what you want to accomplish in a tac in that ship that another captain can't.

A tac obviously brings damage to the table. But are you trying to improve the sorely lacking pressure damage of a beam boat? Or are you trying to improve the damage of the Science powers?

Some may even use Tacs to "buff" Their Pets in Carriers via Tac Fleet. It can be scary when a TAc Fleet buffed 4x BoP pets decloak and alpha strike an opponent.

You just have to remember that while you bring damage to a ship, you don't bring anything else to it. Meaning if your in a Sci, you have to almost load up slightly more on the Defense. Carrier especially needs more defenses then normal because of how slow the ship is, and it's maneuverability. One little thing I will say is never underestimate Polarize hull 3.

All in all, Tac in anything out side of an Escort, is more then likely A Gimick build. Some times it works, a lot of the times it fails.
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