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02-26-2013, 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
From what has been said in interviews, the reason that costumes are unavailable is that they are not sure which ones work in what combinations. DSthal has said that he is open to opening them up and letting us figure it out on our own if the community shows enough interest so I suggest we get on him about that.

The alien editor has already been stepped-down once because (I presume) they didn't want players making custom versions of races in the game that are otherwise restricted as C Store items, faction availability, etc so that likely won't change.
Not talking about the Holodeck, I'm talking Foundry. Just look at how many times we've seen people create new aliens dressed up in Federation, KDF, or the off-duty outfits?

As for the Alien creator with the Holodeck, I been wishing for years they add tails, claws (not the current ones), beaks, and snouts and make non humanoid lifeforms. Which really would be nice for the Foundry too.