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The KDF will never be a full faction until the KDF have 50+ Unique Storyline missions to match up to federation. I'm not talking about Copypasta. I'm talking about stories relating to each species in the KDF now. House Rivalries. more attacks by the Fagerie. Breen having the balls to enter Klingon space. ANYTHING. From what I have heart Christine Thompson who is Kestral of the writing team of Star trek online has enough mission content storylines that are able to match up to the feds and able to keep them going. Don't get me started on Uniforms because Feds are like barbies right now while KDF can be like G.I. Joes in their uniform abilities. There are tons of Canon uniforms for the KDF that are missing or don't exist in this game. I suggest the developers beg This Guy to open that stuff up from the franchise he holds in his hands. because without this guy. the KDF probably wouldn't have had any missions.