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I cant claim credit for discovering this and im sure the vast majority are well aware of the funtionality of the site. However I feel an obligation to resubmit the usefulness of this site as par none.

You are able to live update see anyones build in your own fleet from a selection, and anyone AT ALL in the game, that u know their player@account.

For example, go there, enter your name and get to where u are looking at your own ship.

Then, enter minimax@emoejoe in place of you@whoever.

Now u can see my build! All but doffs is shown, boffs, items consoles ship etc.

So to refresh, yo u can see ANYONES build*

Now you can stop asking me how i pwned u and just look for yourself.

*u can set privacy options under social tab to disallow people from seeing your build if u so choose to.

I for one will always have an open build, and honorably implor you to stack kinetic resistance consoles, or you WILL feel pain.

gg see you out there.

thats .....