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Hello all.

I'm a big fan of the game, and whilst some decisions I've not agreed with (tricobalt nerf springs to mind), I generally like the direction that the game is travelling in. One aspect that I've grown to appreciate is the reputation system. I like that it gives you something to work to and that it's a system that can be built upon. (Long have I advocated systems like fleets, bases, embassies and reputations as systems can be built upon.)

I have to admit that I'm NOT looking forward to the possibility of a PvP reputation system. PvP is an OPTIONAL aspect of the game. A lot of people, like myself, don't want to have to PvP in order to get stuff.

Playing PvE is pretty much a required part of the game. I defy anyone to tell me that they have a toon that has not done any PvE. You don't take a level 1 toon in to PvP. You level the toon up and then take it to PvP if you choose to.

I believe that PvP is broken. I know I'm not alone as I read threads stating that PvP is broken. Also, if it wasn't broken why would there be talk on Cryptic's part about fixing it?

Just to make sure I wasn't being completely one sided in my opinion I went in to PvP with various ships of mine. One ship of each type, to be specific. They were chosen as per the following criteria.

Escort - Best DPS. Something that pumps out death. It's rare that it's not the highest damage dealer in an eSTF. VERY rare.
Science - Something that mixes shield survivability with high end sci damage abilities. It has a very respectable DPS. It's rare that it's not either the 1st or second highest DPS in an eSTF.
Cruiser - An equal mix of DPS and tanking. This ship quite happily sits under a cube in elite Cure and takes out the probes without worrying about dying.

I played two games with each ship. For the sci and cruiser I died at LEAST 4 times per kill. In almost every game I was the very first target of the match; the first on my team fired upon. Makes you think that the enemy thought I would be the easiest target.

The escort? I got a 7 and 0 and a 9 and 0. I also found myself targeting the cruisers and science ships as they were the easiest to kill.

I'm sorry, but to me this seems broken. For players to target non-escorts right from the start shows that it's recognised that they're weak. For me to gravitate to killing non-escorts in the span of a few kills means that I recognised that they were weak.

From my limited experience, combined with the vast number of threads I've read about PvP being (primarily) the domain of the escort shows that it's broken.

If you make a PvP reputation players with escorts will max it out very speedily whereas people who don't fly escorts will take forever. This is unfair and should not eventuate.
Tonight I was in a match vs Minimax, and this guy has one of the most awe inspiring alpha strikes I've ever had the pleasure to see. If players like that make the pvp game no fun for you, I suggest organizing in-fleet only matches where 'rules' can be set control the tempo. My fleet dose this once a week. People who hate PvP have become regulars for fleet pvp night.

PvP deserves a reputation system. For those who don't mind taking on the best, the most heinous, most nerve racking opponenets, there is public queues. For casuals there is private matches. Win/Win.

Brody, TosVets