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02-26-2013, 11:24 PM
Once I saw the opening of the thread starting to be more of a:


I had to roll my eyes and even skip past probably a lot of good responses and content because frankly, that's about all I'm picturing..

Heck, do you think those of us that do like to PVP want to have to Grind out 50 levels of Content even with PVE let alone have to get the best gear by doing that very same thing? Heck no!

But we do it because we want to be the best. Lately I've been looking more and more at PVP as the PVE destroyer play ground. What that means is, the build is so optimal, that same team that just went 15-0 in an Arena could probably walk into any STF And probably fly through it with out breaking a sweat.

And that's the thing.. PVE is so important to the game that PVP got left to the way side so badly it has become what it is today. The Development staff acknowledges this. Even DStahl acknowledges this. And they are working right now to try and come up with ways to either Fix PVP, or give us enough Bandages that we can Mummy our way to greatness.

So instead of looking down on a PVP Reputation just because you'd have to grind out apart of the game you don't enjoy for the coolest new gear, think about the other side of the foot. The side that has been on near amputation status for the last 3 years to only now get attention. We didn't want PVE to be so important with PVP, yet it is. We've accepted it. And we've thrived because of it.

A PVP Reputation system will bring.. unique things I'm sure. Probably both good and bad. And anything that PVP can get, you should be happy about. Because just imagine if the shoe had been on the other foot.. and PVE had been ignored, while new maps, modes, rules, and other cool things were given to PVP.. You'd be happy to get anything for PVE..provided it didn't break the system. So be happy for PVP. Be willing to give it a try.. And if worse comes to worse, just join your friends in Private to get your Daily Rep grind done.

Because let's face it, PVP and PVE aren't where it's so bad for a Rep system. It's the Grind it's self. We all hate it, PVPers or PVEers alike. But we can all agree new content is appricated.. Even if us "red-headed Step-children" may infact get some new shines.

PS: I'm tired.. if that was more rant then response.. Whoops.
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