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Hi you might remember me from cracked planetoid or solar wind, where u died in one shot and asked yourself what happened.

Welp, not to beat a dead horse as it were, but the fruitfulness of my newly discovered combo merits high praise and discussion.

The key ingredient being Marion Frances Dulmur temporal systems engineer purple doff. His special power reads as "8 seconds -200 energy drain resist".

This effectively reduces the drain from firing one beam overload 3 from 50 to 10 power loss.

Sequentially preparing multiple different level copies of beam overload in advance lets you hit for 3 beam overloads i within this 8 seconds. With minimal power loss.

A specific combat log for a sequentially fired bo2>bo3>bo3 without marion/ dem looks like this after multiple tests with no buffs.

12k bo2
(power to 75)
10kbo3 bo3
(power to 25)
5k bo3

Showing the uselessness of simultaneously drainign all of your power, mind u this is with spec in electroplasma and one eps console. At any rate with marion/dem u have minimal dps loss over the 3 shots.

12k bo2
(power to 115)
14k bo3
(power to 105)
13k bo3

Waiting but a second between gives you your power back, but i try to fire them off as fast as possible so that the shields are down when my hy q torps hit.

In fact this combo is so effective at instant damage, i opted now for two dual beam banks, and i fire the first bo2/bo3 simultaneously.

Anyone who has experienced this on either end in game will not quip about the usefulness of this combo.

So to reiterate, get urself dem (any level) and marion frances dulmur, two different copies of beam overload, and go to town.

gg gl hf