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Originally Posted by crypticcliff View Post
I'm sorry, but you are incorrect. The UI is drawn with the GPU.

Scripts related to the UI are run on the CPU, and there are quite a lot of them running each frame. The UI performance bottleneck generally is there. This is not a graphical performance issue, and posting about it in the graphical issues subforum will get you virtually no traction because only the graphics people pay attention to this one.
It manifests itself as a graphics problem, that's likely why it was posted in graphical issues subforum. If it's incorrect perhaps you can get this topic moved to the appropriate subforum instead? So it does get traction?

Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
I WANT A DELETE all buttton and a option to STOP getting item sold messages

All the exchange item sold emails magnify the problem. Though I'd more want a DELETE ALL EXCHANGE EMAILS type button. I like getting notification of items sold whilst I've been away from the game but don't want to click through tens of emails each day clicking delete button on each and I also want to keep emails from other players.
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