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02-27-2013, 12:02 AM
I remember when PvP was more about skill than whatever gear you were running. Then the Omega System rolled around and everyone was farming STF's for the best gear.

This just had me shaking my head and facepalming. It's only gotten worse since.

There use to be a PvP system in place where you earned Honor Marks to purchase exclusive gear but that got scrapped in favor of the Omega System.

I'd love a PvP Rep system and it's long overdue. If Cryptic isn't going to bother giving us any new PvP content, i.e. Maps, then at least impliment a system that rewards PvP'rs for sitting in queues for hours on end and having to trudge through the same 3 Maps over and over again.

I don't even understand why anyone in PvE would complain about PvP exclusive gear. I could pilot any ship with the common default gear it came with and roll over PvE content.