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For sure. I think the reason you don't very many sciscorts anymore isn't because they aren't good, but because the "max 3 science captains" rule most tournaments adopt. Three sci/sci, one sciscort, and one tacscort is a very powerful team-comp as you can brute force your way through almost anything with chained nukes.
Yeah, it's funny cause you'll just never be on a team where you're thinking, "Ugh, we have way too much Sci"... if the rule wasn't in place you can be damn sure there'd be 4 Sci/1 Tac teams ruling the roost.

What's nice is that DHCs still hit extremely hard on a Sci, espesh on a properly-managed, isolated and debuffed target. It doesn't quite have the 'punch' these days of a Tac for ripping through Fleet shields/passives/consoles, but ofc that's why you have your team there to help out.

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