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Hi STO community,

I'm a dedicated Tactical Capt, and mainly PvP in an escort. I seen and heard talk about tact capts who have used cruisers and, to some degree, carriers in PvP.

My thoughts fall specifically on cruisers such as D'Kora, Galor, and the Fleet Assault Cruiser. For carriers, Jemmy Dread and the Jemmy Heavy Escort Carrier.

What are your thoughts? How effectively can you implement these ships for PvP use as a tact capt?

Thank You
The problem with the tac powers is that they are multiplicative. In other words, the more multipliers to your damage you can apply, the more each single one of them is useful. Apart from a Tac captain's powers, there are basically only the Tactical Bridge Officer Abilities that offer such multipliers.

Add that to a high base damage (usually from the Dual Heavy Cannon/Turret combination with at least 4 tactical consoles, which rules everything by ridiculous margins), and you find that your damage is extreme.

So, following that and looking at your list, there is only one ship that might give you what you want for maximum effectiveness, and that is the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought with Danube Runabout pets, possibly a cloaked tractor beam mine launcher, a DHC/turret build, and the patience to use such a slow turning ship for that.

But then, you'll basically command a slow escort, which will be almost as good as your regular escorts. Hurrah.

Optimizing for "maximum effectiveness" obviously leads to that kind of boring results.
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