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02-26-2013, 11:45 PM
This is a general problem of the game engine, it exists in champions online and in STO, and i bet you it will be the same in Neverwinter.

Foundry Mission list,
400 DOffs in one window.

even just having a full Inventory open or having all the HUD clutter options active (in PvP or Fleetactions) reduces FPS already by an ungodly amount.

i was even able to measure a reproducible frame drop of 2 or 3 frames (with my old system at least, which was still better than what the average casual STO player has today) when i only added ONE line of icons to the Powerbar (what is that 10 or 12 icons?).

I don't know how things work inside the engine, but there is obviously a bottleneck and it is whatever happens on the CPU, my quadcore runs at ~25% load = 1 core maxed out, only when this happens and the GPU load drops to rock bottom. (i can see that on my Logitech G15 LCD with Everest stats displayed)

Whatever happens on the CPU, it needs to be optimized, first for Quadcore CPU usage to properly distribute the load and maybe it is already enough if these scripts run just ONCE per rendered frame... or per 5 frames?

This UI hurts the Framerate of everybody more than any amount of Polygons JamzJamz can slap on a Ship. (but HE has a Triangle budget... oh the irony, are there no *Budgets* for the UI Devs?)