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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
It makes sense that he would identify more closely with Karamazov's name rather than the full form, although I must admit, I am not familiar with the form for Russian names, so had wondered why 'Alexei' gets changed to 'Alyosha', rather than simply contracted to 'Alex'
Oh, boy, Russian diminutives for names are quite something to explain--and the list of things Alyosha Karamazov himself was called by is quite a long one.

I think I'll just give you this Wikipedia link. I just know this stuff from reading lots of Russian literature.

(BTW, you would not want to use all of the ones that are on the list. Certain ones are rude--the kind of diminutive that's a put-down and not a compliment. They tend to end in -ka--though not the ones that end in -enka.'s a tough one to explain.)

Equally, Marcus allows his friends to call him 'Marc', but it is only his very closest friends who actually do so. I have written in his bio, that his childhood friend, Selek, named his daughter T'Marc, in his honor. Not sure if she'll be making an appearance, but just thought I'd mention her due to the modification/Vulcanization of the Human name
He must've been tickled when Selek did that!

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