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02-27-2013, 01:05 AM
I'm gonna just pass on replying to anything on this thread so far, and just put this:

I wouldn't mind a PvP rep, as long as most of the gear unlocks were for general equipment, like we used to have it long long ago.

Heck, even the old Omega store had all that good, basic purple gear allowing you to easily gear a ship or toon up for free basically.

So if a PvP rep included things that would let you somewhat easily gear up a ship or toon like it used to be for a decent cost, even if that cost was dil, that'd be better.

I'd also love to have a store unlock of basic consumables, so you can always have access to batteries and hypos (which would also be really nice for doing rep missions for the other ones).

To me though, the biggest worry I have at all really lies with the very real fear of seeing PvP dailies nerfed. No more dil or FMs, or much reduced amounts. Or stuff on the KDF side of having to kill 10 turrets, or die 25 times, etc just giving 'PvP marks', which wouldn't be bad, I just wouldn't ONLY want those either.

As for the passives, one way they can avoid the issue is just by making non-combat passives that would just be useful in general.