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02-27-2013, 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by kyuui13 View Post
and since Cryptic is a wholly owned sub, of PWE, you are in fact, directly contributing to cryptic.

Oh you mean the one that Cryptic, put INTO the game? You know the single best way in the game to earn EC DIL and FM at one time, in a ridiculously short Cooldown.

Yeah, about that.

They put the "exploit" into the game, not the players, they then blamed us for misusing the mission. The problem was, at that time, that mission was the single best way to get all three major currencies, at the same time. So while they removed the "exploit" they put in, it was their fault to start with.
Just to let you know, you're beating a dead horse. The exploit wasn't that people were using the Foundry wrapper mission to accumulate FM quickly, it was that people were designing Foundry missions solely for the purpose of grinding out those FMs as quickly as possible, which violates the stated intent of the Foundry.

Even if that weren't the case, Cryptic is allowed to make balancing adjustments to in-game currency rewards. They stated outright that this was a balance adjustment and that Fleet Marks would be added elsewhere, but the forum community didn't believe that it would be done in a reasonable time frame (if at all), and threw a collective fit.

Since then, Cryptic has added more ways to gain Fleet Marks, and in greater quantity than were available before the Foundry wrapper mission got removed, and it seems like people are generally happy with the addition of a lot more Fleet Marks and varied ways to get them.

In short, the issue that you're harping on was a short-lived misunderstanding about a rebalancing of in-game currency. Especially egregious is that you're continuing to bring up that issue in a thread that has nothing to do with it, so please, let it die.

On topic - while I'm bummed that I already picked up some Zen this week due to it being my birthday and having some extra spending cash, I've still got a couple of birthday cards coming, and I just might consider picking up some discounted Zen. Thanks for the sale, even if I don't wind up taking advantage of it personally!