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02-27-2013, 12:23 AM
Of corse there are many nug's in the game and more wishes of users to bring functions and content into the game, but did anyone recognize that there is never a response to the comments of an announcement?

I even think they don't read this comments either.

So we have to submit Support Tickets en mass like we did it in the past if they don't react on the comments.

An directly speak in an Ask Cryptic to DStahl so we can pin him with his own answers.
If we ask exact questions and requested a real answer and no contentless bla bla answer then this could work for good.

And please forgive me to remain optimistic that we get the functions and content we all want.

And as Reminder, DStahl told that we should send him PM's with our wishes and he promised to consider them in his development plannings.


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