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02-27-2013, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
CBS seems really strict on what they're allowing in the game...I could see them explicitly telling Cryptic that they don't want weird things combos (like green cat women)
Isn't that basically what Robert Blackman and co. did for many many years?

Brannon Braga or whoever would walk in and say "Robert, we need an alien for a background shot. About five feet tall, dark blue with a furry head."

And Blackman would say "No problem. You want a tail with that?"

And Braga would say "Sure, why not."

Aliens are supposed to be, well, alien. Nothing's too wierd for Star Trek, even that incredibly-disturbing-yet-somewhat-arousing cat-faced, semi-nude green chick.

This game already put titties on a Saurian, for crying out loud. We could do no greater sin against nature even if we tried.