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02-27-2013, 12:32 AM
Well, just bailed on HOSE and was reminded of why I don't usually bother with it.

The team was myself (using my Kumari), two Odysseys, a Patrol Escort and a Vo'Quv.

Another of those instances which was doomed from the onset. Wish I'd taken a screencap - both the Odyssey and the Patrol Escort were wrecks. Neither had a single system that WASN'T damaged - The Odyssey, in particular, had at least 25 damage points, most of them red. And sadly, both were producing medicore DPS - the Odyssey was using the Jem' Hadar set but appeared to have ATTEMPTED to set it for tanking - bit of a joke when your ship is THAT damaged. The escort was using polaron dual beams, but again not doing terribly good DPS. Around five minutes into the mission and both players were already sitting in max timeout respawn oblivion.

Myself and the player in the second Odyssey (that was well set-up) agreed to bail, as it was basically a three-player mission with those two deadweights involved and I, personally, preferred the idea of taking the penalty over god-knows how long trying to do a mission like that with two deadweight players with garbage ships who were spending more time in respawn than 'on the field'.


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