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02-27-2013, 01:39 AM
Tactical Captain abilities buff the damage of the following Science powers:

Feedback Pulse
Tractor Beam Repulsors
Gravity Well
Photonic Shockwave
Tractor Beam
Tyken's Rift

Of those, the last two can effectively be discounted as sources of worthwhile damage in-and-of themselves. Of the remaining, maximizing the magnitude of the damage they do requires you to slot Particle Generators, forgoing buffing the actual debuffing effect applied by the power, or at least, reducing it in a significant manner for three of the powers when used versus players. Photonic Shockwave will not push as far, Gravity Well's pull radius will be smaller leading to a weaker overall pull, and Repulsors are much less effective at breaking up groups of enemies. That last point may be ideal for dealing damage with TBR, but only when the damage said repulsors are dealing isn't going to be washed away from a nearby Aux2SIF 3 and/or ET.

Feedback Pulse is the only power who's CC component is actually strengthened by Particle Generators and Tactical Captains... as it's primary role is as an attacker deterrent which returns energy damage, dealt to the defender, to the attacker as kinetic damage with very high shield penetration. It is also reliant on being shot in the first place.

If you put a Tactical Captain in a Science Ship you'll find it difficult to deal ship crushing damage that instantly eliminates a target setup to kill, while being less effective at setting up kills. You also run a very real risk of dealing a lot of ultimately non-lethal hull damage that can lead to an opponent getting a highly charged Go Down Fighting* which makes it that much harder for your team to stay alive in the first place.

*Science ships tend to have weak hulls making it riskier still to surf to a low hull percentage before activating the ability.
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