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02-27-2013, 01:47 AM
Alright, I reached 50 and got the Fleet Assault Cruiser. Now let's see about the build I have in mind (I could not test this yet, since I have to start from Tier 0 with the reputation stuff obviously).

As a refresher so you don't have to re-read the whole thread, my goal would be a STF build that achieves as much DPS as possible while being able to tank for the team. Captain type is Engineer.

Forward Weapons: Quantum Torpedo Launcher <Or Romulan Hyper Torp?>, Romulan Plasma Beam Array x2, Romulan Experimental Beam Array
Rear Weapons: KCB, 2x Romulan Plasma BA, <Open for suggestions>

Engineering Consoles: 1x Monotanium, 1x Neutronium, Zero Point Energy Console, Borg Assimiliated Module
Science Consoles: 2x +threat <which variant?>
Tactical Consoles: 4x Plasma Infuser

Boff Layout:

Lt. Cmdr. Tac: Torp Spread I, APB I, FaW III
Ens. Tac: Tac Team I
Cmdr. Eng: EPtW I, RSP I, EPtS III, Aux2SIF III
Lt. Eng: EPtW1, EPtS II
Lt. Universal: HE I, TSS II

Doffs : <???>

It's my first cruiser build so I'm sure there are some parts in it that'll make you facepalm, but I'm open to harsh criticism
Lot's of things I'm not very sure about at all.

- The Rom. Hyper Launcher would be interesting for the set bonus, but I'm not sure it makes much sense with the limited firing arc. The Quantums are easier because I only need to be at the right angle for a moment, IIRC that Hyper Launcher needs some time to spit out all three projectiles.
- Not sure what to put in the last open rear weapon slot. Another Quantum is probably best. I read not to put more than 6 beams for power reasons. I only have 5 beams, but the KCB needs energy too (And I need the KCB for the Borg set bonus, free Nadeon Inversion now and then). Suggestions?
- Not sure the ship is actually tanky enough with that console layout. It sounded easier in my head "It's a cruiser it'll tank, just make sure to draw aggro" Maybe I should move one of the two universal consoles to a tac slot and slot another defensive Eng console.
-Not sure which Engi consoles are worth considering overall. On my escorts Eng slots are always my dumping grounds for universal consoles, I never use anything more than one neutronium if even that.
- If I use +threat consoles (I'm not sure I can pull aggro off escorts without them), which variant would be best? On my escorts I use Plasma Infused ones for extra procs, but maybe I should consider shield or hull healing variants for the cruiser. Thoughts? Also which Science stat should I boost with them?
- I have no idea about which Doffs to use. I'm guessing a Conn officer that reduces TT cd won't hurt.
- Also unsure about what to run for Deflector/Engine/Shield. My first instinct would be to go full borg. I might get access to Elite Fleet Shields soon too. I read in some older cruiser build threads that the Aegis Engine was often considered too. Is that still an option or is that outdated?

Lot's of holes in that build still, I know. I hope you can help me fill them! Thanks in advance for any help.