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02-27-2013, 02:12 AM
Got totally slaughtered by a Orb Weaver yesterday with this build, I was in my Khyzon and as an engineer with access to EPS3 and RMC it made no difference as I sat watching my power levels drop almost to zero and as he hammered me with full power DPS beams. I thought this BS build was over with the nerfing of Siphons but now it seems even escorts can do it.

Yes every KDF PvPer has leech, it is regarded almost as important as carrying a shield it's that good. End result of the encounter is to not bother fighting as no matter what I tried I couldn't scratch him, on an 8400 DPSing Andorian, sucked dry with his leeching and the ever present acetons which also piss me off. Where in the TV show did acetons act like they do in this game?

Either make insulators work or seriously reduce the drain in the game.

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